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DEEP WATER RED with Capt Dave Sipler’s Sport Fishing
Fishing the St. Johns river Jacksonville Florida with Capt Dave Sipler’s Sport Fishing. JettyWolf - Capt Dave Sipler’s Sport Fishing’’HOT’’ August 2nd, with the Santarpia Flores Charter reelin in B-I-G Redbass, in the St. Johns River near Mayport, Florida aboard the Jettywolf.
Regular client Dom M. with a deep water Redbass.
  Captain Dave Sipler
Capt Dave Sipler is a full-time Captain / Fishing guide with more than 20 years experience in Jacksonville Florida’s Mayport area. Primarily fishing the protected inshore waters of the St. Johns River, intracoastal waterway, the St. Johns River inlet to the Atlantic Ocean, also known locally as “The Mayport Jetties”, as well as artificial and natural reefs offshore Jacksonville’s Beaches and Amelia Island to the north.
  Capt Dave’s Black Lab 26
Your family and friends will remain safe, dry and comfortable aboard Capt Dave’s customized 26 foot seamless welded alloy aluminum center console boat, with a Honda 225 hp whisper quiet engine, you can be seated in comfortable deck chairs yet there is room to walk around the skid proof deck, this is a high free board boat for your safety. With self bailing dry decks, the most modern flat screen electronics available with GPS navigation.
  Tackle and Coaching
Capt Dave takes great pride in providing you with top quality fishing tackle, fishing licenses, ice, coolers, and end of the day fish cleaning services. Regardless of your fishing experience, Capt Dave will help you catch the fish of a lifetime. With more than 20 years experience fishing this area, You’ll find that Capt Dave’s coaching style will fit everyone on board, from the youngest fisherman, to the most experienced.It’s all about excitement
The Fishing
Depending on the seasons and migrations, catches can include; Speckled Sea Trout, Redfish, Drum, Flounder, Tarpon, Shark, King Mackerel, just to name a handful of what can be caught in the local saltwater along Jacksonville’s beaches, to the offshore deep sea fishing, to all the way up river trips nearer down town Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island.
12/21 - Bitchin about wind and weekends
Good gawd was that west wind a killer, today. Had Keith K. his dad and Keith’s 7 year old boy, on board. I was either last Sunday in the nasty 20+ knot Noreast winds, or wait till today and try it. Keith I hope you don’t gamble much. I know I don’t. I have plenty of vices, but two that don’t interest me is Gambling and Alcohol. One leaves me with empty pockets and the other gives me a huge headache.
If I want those same symptoms, all I have to do is say ’Let’s try next Sunday instead’, to a customer on the phone. We left out around 8am. And picked and poked around. I had to first make sure everyone understood the ’float’. I didn’t get to fish where I wanted too, and one of those spots was rough as a C-O-B. And that’s where the first part of ’Dave’s 6 hour challenge’ came to be. ’ANCHORING.’ It wasn’t like, I wasn&
I always do, so why should this be different. But that west 20+ knot winds was whoopin my ass. I couldn’t get close enough to the spot, so my crew didn’t have to cast 50 feet, (even if they could.)I went to pull the anchor on my last attempt to get it right and bent the stock on my fluke style anchor into a pretzel. The ole welded cast aluminum cleats on the boat don’t have any give. And the boat lurched around in a swell and that’s all she wrote. Bent anchor!
Capt Dave, Captain Dave Sipler
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