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Grander Marlin - Viking II - Cairns
Game Fishing for giant Black Marlin aboard Viking II with Captain Bill Billson. There’s more grander marlin in Australia than anywhere else in the world (by a significant margin). In fact, for every grander caught in Kona, Brazil, Madeira, the Azores and Mauritius combined, the relatively small Australian fleet captures two. And the conservation ethic is very strong in Australia, so top-notch boats like Viking II release more ’granders’ than they kill these days. Generally fishing is better to the north near Lizard Island early in the season. Then the main ’bite’ moves south towards the Cairns area the latter half of the season. Names like the Ribbon Reefs, Linden Bank, Agincourt, Opal Reef, St. Crispins Reef, Onyx Reef and Jenny Louise Shoals are legendary to the anglers lucky enough to have hooked into the giant marlin that populate the area. Marlin fishing videos.
  Viking II and Captain Bill Billson
’More experience, greater results’. Viking II &Captain Bill Billson, the most successful and established marlin fishing boat from Cairns to Port Stephens, Sydney Australia. Capt Bill has been Game fishing all his life, and professionally sport fishing for 28 years, running Marlin fishing charters, sport fishing charters and exclusive Bluewater fly fishing charters, and one of the few owner operators in the industry.
  Captain Bill Billson - Achievements
Captain Bill Billson is Internationally renowned with over 30 years as a professional Captain and crew. Some of his outstanding achievments include winning the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic 4 times runners up as many and winner of the largest tournament in the southern Hemispere, The NSW Interclub, 4 times to name a few. He has been Captain for world records of black Marlin, blue marlin, striped marlin, yellowfin tuna, and mako sharks.
  Viking II
Viking II is perfectly appointed to provide superior speed, manoeuvrability and comfort and is ideal for day trips, live-aboard charters, or working with a mother ship on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the east coast of Australia. <br>Built by world renowned builder, Frank Woodnutt, and powered by continuously rated 500hp M.T.U. diesels, she is considered one of the most practical and versatile sport fishers Australia can offer
The Fishing
GIANT BLACK MARLIN FISHING. Between September &December, Great Barrier Reef/Cairns. Without question the 150 mile stretch of the Great Barrier Reef between Cairns &Lizard Island provides the finest fishing in the world for very large marlin. 70% of all marlin over a 1000 pound are caught off the Great Barrier Reef between Cairns and Lizard Island. You have a better chance at catching a grander marlin in Australia than anywhere else in the world (by a significant margin).<br>
GOLD COAST. April to August &December to January. The Gold Coast has one of the most consistent blue Marlin fisheries in Australia, and more blues over 600lb are hooked here every year than any other destination. It also has a diversity of sportfish such as medium to small black marlin, striped marlin,wahoo, dorardo, Yellowtail kingfish, amberjack, Bluewater fly fishing, marlin fishing, Jigging, or just fishing for a nice feed of snapper or peal perch
PORT STEPHENS. January To April. Three of the Billfish species, Black, Blue and Striped Marlin migrate there each year during these months. It is not uncommon to catch all three species in a day’s fishing, known as a grand slam, and this has been achieved many times on bills boats. Blue Marlin up to 600lbs are not uncommon with very large specimens presenting themselves occasionally. The recent years there have been over 15 world records for black, blue and striped marlin,caught in these
BLUEWARTER FLY FISHING. For those anglers who have experienced the joy of catching fish on Flyfishing tackle Viking II offers the perfect platform for targeting all species on fly, especially billfish. The beautiful and picturesque Port of Port Stephens is rapidly becoming recognised as the NO 1 destination in the world for targeting Black, Blue and Striped Marlin on Fly. Few destinations can boast of consistent shots on all 3 species of marlin with a size range perfect for all tippet classes.
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Grander Marlin - Viking II - Cairns
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