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Sailfishing - Kuala Rompin - Malaysia
Fishing with Fishzone in the waters of Kuala Rompin, Malaysia. This small town in the state of Pahang lies just north of the Endau River on the East Coast of the Malaysian peninsula, approximately three and a half hours from Singapore. Sailfish are the primary target, with the common by-catch including Spanish Mackeral and Cobia, with a mix of Trevallys, Tuskfish, Barracuda, Queenfish and the odd juvenile Black Marlin.
  Kuala Rompin - Sailfish Hotspot
Kuala Rompin – Sailfish hotspot. Let us take you fishing to one of the world’s best Sailfish grounds. Still relatively unknown, this is the ultimate destination to fulfil your dream of landing a Sailfish. We specialize in trips to Kuala Rompin with Sailfish being the primary target. A common by-catch would include Spanish Mackeral and Cobia. There is also a mix of Trevallys, Tuskfish, Barracuda, Queenfish and the odd juvenile Black Marlin.
As we are keen fishermen ourselves, we know exactly what would make a great trip. You and your group will be fully guided and everything will be taken care of. Basically we have put together a package where you will not have to worry about a thing while on the charter. All tackle is supplied unconditionally so you will not have to worry about any lost lures or damaged tackle. All terminal tackle down to the bait jigs are provided. Shimano
  Fly Fishing
FLY FISHING. Sailfish on fly - arguably, the most exciting way to catch a Sailfish. We will troll to tease up the fish to casting range. All teasing equipment is supplied and all stitch baits will be prepared for you. We guarantee you a full days trolling/teasing should you book a fly fishing charter with us. Fly fishing for Mahi Mahi is also an option. All Billfish are strictly catch and release. All other species, the angler decides.
The Fishing
LIVE BAITING. This is the most common method used. Either a live bait is suspended under a balloon or it is free lined if the fish are holding deep. Slow trolling a live bait is also very effective. Only circle hooks will be used for live baiting. BAIT ‘N’ SWITCH. Watching a lit up Sailfish chase a teaser right to the back of the boat and pitching your bait to the fish is visually stunning. JIGGING. Having a speedster such as a Spanish Mackeral hit your jig is an experience to remember.
LURE CASTING. Chucking plastic has gained popularity over the years and it’s simply the “run n gun” to within casting range that makes it so exciting. Not to mention the visual impact of seeing the fish hit the popper. Bottom bashing and jigging for squid for the best sashimi is also possible. The main species is the Sailfish. By catches would include Cobia, Spanish Mackeral, Queenfish, Barracuda, a mix of Trevallys and the odd juvenile Black Marlin.
We use well maintained quality Shimano gear. Feel free to bring your favorite rod and reel. We will do your video and convert it to a DVD for you along with all your still shots. The boats are locally built and powered by well maintained four stroke engines with all the necessary safety equipment. They are equipped with a live bait well, GPS and fish finder. We provide personalized service catering to all your needs. We will guide and teach the novice angler on all the aspects of big game sport
FOOD – The food is excellent and it is your choice of what you would like to eat everyday. The local Chinese restaurant serves fresh seafood daily with a variety of other dishes. Lunch will be packed for you on board. All snacks and soft drinks of choice are supplied. Should you require a hotel stay in Singapore, we would be happy to assist you with the booking. Feel free to contact us with your dates and the number of people in your group for a no obligation quote and brochure.
Fishzone Sportfishing, Dominic Pereira
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Sailfishing - Kuala Rompin - Malaysia
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Sailfish at Kuala Rompin - Malaysia
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