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Guatemala Sailfishing
Fishing with The Great Sailfishing Company. Sail fishing off the Pacific coast of Guatemala, the northern most country of Central America, offers anglers a once in a lifetime international sports fishing experience. Anglers return home with many memories that will last forever. Sailfish are great fighters; upon being hooked they first leap high above the waterline while shaking their head, then dive deep making the anglers reel hiss, hiss and hiss some more!
Sailfish, Marlin. Catch and Release only on all Billfish.
  Guatemala Fishing
World’s BEST Conventional or Fly Fishing. Saltwater fly-fishing at its best : Guatemala Fishing has earned a worldwide reputation as THE destination for your billfish fishing trip because anglers regularly have shots at 20+ Sailfish per day. For all of the bluewater anglers, there are opportunities for Blue marlin and Black marlin as well as Tuna and Dorado. The coastline and ecosystem support vast quantities of bait year round and warm eddies
  The Great Sailfishing Company
The Great Sailfishing Company has been providing economical all inclusive conventional fishing and flyfishing vacation packages in Guatemala for six seasons. Our private villas in the large and secure Villas del Pacifico Resort offer the opportunity to spend time with your friends or family undisturbed. Our company offers great family/group or individual deep-sea sport-fishing packages, including fly-fishing and optional trips/tours/adventures.
  Guatemala - Catch &Release
Guatemala has the best sailfishing in the world! The record being 76 sailfish caught by four fishermen using conventional tackle and lures, on a deep sea sportfishing craft, in one day. The average catch is about 15 sailfish a day. These high catch rates happen because of two factors: the shape of the seafloor and ocean currents creating a favorable environment and because under Guatemalan law, all bill fishing is catch and release.
The Fishing
Pacific Sailfish. The East Cape often has a nice abundance of Sails during the months of July through October. A terrific light tackle opponent, the sailfish is known for its schooling, multiple hook-up tendencies and aerial acrobatics. Though they generally don’t get much larger than 80 pounds, they will sometimes come in up to 180 pounds on occasion. Most sport anglers release Sailfish. Caught by trolling, teasing, and drop-back baiting methods for those paying close attention to the spr
Pacific Blue Marlin make their homes all across the Pacific, including Mexican waters. The best season is considered July through December, but just like any species and fishery, yearly fluctuations do occur. Many major tournaments targeting Blue Marlin take place in October when most anglers feel the highest populations exist. the Pacific Blue tends to make colossal runs - like times trial on a liquid dragstrip and perform aerial shows that give the opportunity to witness their majestic beauty
Black Marlin. To four and a half metres. This is a heavy, thick set marlin of warm Indo-Pacific oceans which reaches our northern coasts in summer months wandering south at least to East Cape. Black marlin are most regularly encountered around shallow reef structures. Captures of this species have dwindled in recent years, largely because of the swing towards lure fishing. Specialists targeting black marlin with large live-baits continue to have success.
Dorado (MahiMahi or Dolphin) This Mexican staple table food fish is also one of the most exciting to angle for because of its abundance and aerial acrobatics. While out looking for Marlin, many anglers will often find a cargo net, a piece of plywood or some other floating debris with a nice school of Dorado underneath it. They are also often found in open schools during spawning seasons, and peak times are April or May through October.
The Great Sailfishing Company, Kevin
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Guatemala Sailfishing
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