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Savannah Fishing Report - Miss Judy Charters Oct

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    Posted: 17/Nov/2016 at 3:38pm
 Captain Judy Helmey

Kicking Fish Tail Since 1956!

124 Palmetto Drive

Savannah, Georgia 31410

912 897 4921or 912 897 2478

912 897 3460 fax

    October 31, 2016


Saltwater Inshore, Offshore, Blue Water fishing reports, Freshies Suggestions, and “Little Miss Judy’s Believe It or Not story!   Thanks for Reading! Fishing statement: To try to insure that fishing stays in the hearts of those that love it and to help the ones that are going too!  

I told you that a black fish would eat just about anything that would fit in its mouth! 

Well, when we caught this black fish and it had black feathers hanging out of its mouth. And of course I had to pull on one of the feathers.  As you can see from photo above I pulled an out a full still intact bird out of this fish’s stomach.  I have always said that the old black fish is gluten meaning they will try to eat anything that will fit or not in their mouths.  Over the years I have found bubble gum, other smaller fish types, and large sea cucumbers either hanging out or packed in their stomachs.  By habit, I am always looking in their mouth to see what treasures that they are holding on too!  On some occasions they would have swallowed a fish that is half the size of them and the tail is hanging out.  And yes of course I always try to grab it and pull it out.  I remember this one time, many years ago, that one of my customers was reeling in a black fish and they remarked, “Looks like this one is smoking a cigar!”  Well, of course this certainly got my attention! What were they looking at?  This black fish had tried to eat a discarded fried drum stick chicken bone.  Well, apparently it could only swallow it but so far, so the end of the brown colored bone was hanging out of the fish’s mouth. And yes it did in fact look like the fish had a cigar in his mouth.  Heck, the only thing missing was fire and smoke!   

Inshore Bite has been good one day and a little off the next!  However, when you add a little twist there is a catching way! 

Captain Stephen Thompson shows his customers the catching way!

Inshore report...the red fish, spotted sea trout, flounder, weak fish also known as summer trout continue to offer fishermen a solid sometimes bite.  What do I mean by that?  Well, it seems that once you find them, you can catch them, but the bite sometimes doesn’t last too long.  The best news is most likely, you will find, right down or up from exactly where you are fishing at the time, that there are more fish. It is not unusual for these types of bite patterns to last throughout the cooler months.  All this boils down to is that when one school of fish stops biting another one will!  All you have to do is to look a bit and fish a lot!


Looking for something interesting to do!

Daufuskie Island South Carolina! 

Another great secret located on the coast!  Now this is not a fishing trip it is a seeing trip! It is a must for anyone!   For all the grand details I suggest giving Captain “Gator” Gary a call 912 604 1587.  He can set up transportation to get you there, golf carts, touring, and dinning!  It is a great place and it is only accessible by water!  So therefore it is a twofold kind of a situation, because the boat ride is also very interesting! 

Captain Stephen Thompson takes the “Warren, Paul, and Bill inshore fishing team” on a catching event! 

Please meet the Warren, Paul, and Bill fishing team!  While fishing with Captain Stephen Thompson of Miss Judy Charters this team caught some very nice spotted sea trout, sheepshead, red fish, weak fish, (also known as summer trout) and flounder

Warren Wendell (white t-shirt Rincon Georgia) Paul Simmons (blue t-shirt Guyton, Georgia)

Bill Thornton (Georgia Power Cap Rincon, Georgia) Captain Stephen Thompson of Miss Judy Charters 

Kissing a fish is always a grand option! 

While fishing with Captain Tommy Williams of Miss Judy Charters Jeff Hudges Effingham, Georgia not only got to catch a fish, but he also got to kiss one!  

Please meet the Johnny, Lonnie, Lew, and Jeff inshore fishing team!    What did they catch? Some really nice spotted sea trout and keeper red fish.  What did they release?  Some really nice trophy red fish! 

Johnny Fields (black tshirt Savannah, Georgia) Lonnie Shaw (black jacket Savannah, Georgia)  Lew Perry (orange shirt Waynesboro, Georgia) Jeff Hudges (camo shirt Effingham, Georgia)

White hoodie Captain Tommy Williams of Miss Judy Charters


Fishing with Captain Kevin Rose of Miss Judy Charters

Well, this fishing team made up of Aaron Robbins, Jacob Robins, and their father Moses had a great catch and release kind of a day while fishing with Captain Kevin Rose!  What did they use for bait?  Live shrimp and some fresh dead ones!  This is where your live shrimp can be considered two baits in one.  This means any leftovers from the once live shrimp whether it is parts or pieces do work!  How do you fish a dead shrimp?  You can simply fish it right on the bottom!  And remember once the bite gets a going a red fish will hit them just about any way that you care to serve them up!     


  Aaron Robbins is holding a nice red fish that was released.  This brother and father fishing team caught a bunch of slot red fish and all were released back to the wild!  

  Aaron Robbins is holding a nice red fish that was caught fought and released.   

Artificial Reef Report! 


Offshore artificial reefs....


The bottom bite has picked up with our customers getting the opportunity to catch a little of everything from black sea bass to triggerfish to white grunts to genuine red snapper to flounder as well as other bottom biters.  However, bite patterns continues to be better one day and not so good the next.  Since I have been fishing for many years, I say, “There is no rhyme or reason for this fall/winter bite pattern!  The reason being is that we can see the fish, but for some reason we cannot get them to bite the hook, but I am working on that!” How do I combat with this bite pattern?  One way is to hope that this bite pattern doesn’t fall on the date that your fish!  But, the best way to combat this situation is to keep moving, keep trying new baits, and never give up.  I have found that when bottom fishing during these dilemma times that small live baits sometimes can turn a non-existence bite into a true rod bender.


George Marshal Bluffton, South Carolina caught our first flounder of the day.  Captain Kathy Brown is assisting! 



Dave Hopp of Bluffton South Carolina holding is holding a nice flounder that he caught while plain old bottom fishing at the artificial reef. 


Dave Ropes is holding a nice white grunt better known by us old timers as a hog nose snapper. 


Captain Kathy Brown is holding Mike Rogers (Bluffton South Carolina) just caught fought, landed, and soon to be released back to the wild trophy red fish! 


What do offshore trophy red fish love to eat?  The answer is simple, just about anything!  The red fish we caught this past week were caught on cut squid and fish.


Well, it is official the trophy red fish that normally migrate to the offshore water has taken place. While bottom fishing at the CCA artificial reef there were plenty of these fish of all sizes from 18 to 28 inches.  Please remember, when fishing in federal waters this fish is not legal to keep at any size! 

Dave Hopp Bluffton South Carolina is holding a nice red fish that he caught with a small piece of squid while bottom fishing at the CCA artificial reef. 


Artificial Reef Fishing! 

While bottom fishing at the artificial reefs Paul Clark of Anderson South Carolina caught this nice white grunt.  This fish is better known by local fishermen as a hog nose snapper.  Captain Kathy Brown is giving her up thumbs up approval! 

Kirby Cook Anderson South Carolina is holding up a duo catching affair.  What do we have here?  Pin fish on top hook and White bone porgy on the bottom hook.  Pin fish are known for being one of the best live baits for king mackerel, cobia, red snapper, and grouper!   And why are they called pin fish?  Because their fins are as sharp and just about as strong as a pin.  This fish is a member of the porgy family!  The white bone porgy is first cousins to the red porgy and second cousins to the knobbed porgy!  And heck now we know that the pinfish is also a distance relative of the white bone!  What does this boil down too?  It’s small small world! 



Paul Brant is holding up his just caught soon to be released genuine juvenile red snapper. I am  (taking a look see)!  We have been catching a few of these fish while plain old bottom fishing at the artificial reefs located in 50 to 60 feet of water! 

Savannah Snapper Banks Report!

It is all good!  Just go!

Captain Kathy Brown strikes a pose! 

Captain Kathy is holding up a vermilion snapper that was caught while plain old bottom fishing with small pieces of cut squid. 

Well, we finally made it to the banks.  On this particular day, I am not going to say it was calm because it was not.  However, we did have a pretty good bottom fish bite.  We caught a lot of vermilion snapper...the fact of the matter is just about everywhere we fish in around 100 feet of water we caught this fish.  As far as the others caught...well on this day we caught a mixed bag affair from black sea bass to trigger fish to red porgy to an assorted of bottom biters!  What did we use for bait?  Cut squid, cut fish, and cut Spanish sardines! 

Went to the Snapper banks (Saturday October 29, 2016) with the Jerry Stephens fishing team and we had a blast.  There was a big swell and on some occasions you might have considered it rough.  However, even dealing with rough sea conditions, a very fast drift, and a difficult bite pattern this team still caught fish! 


This is the shark that Jerry Stephens Gainesville, Georgia caught, fought, and brought to the boat.  The fact of the matter is we spend most of the day in a big shark bite pattern.  After moving a few times I realized this:  Either there is an amazing amount of sharks at the snapper banks or they just followed us every time we move.  No matter what...we had what would better called a Shark Rodeo catching kind of a day! 


Meg Brumbelow Gainesville, Georgia is holding up a nice amberjack that put up quite a fish fight!  However, as you can see Meg won this fishing catching battle 

From left to right :  We have the Bobby Brumbelow his wife Meg, Captain Kathy Brown, Michael Alford, and Jerry Stephens  fishing team!  Meg is holding up here second amberjack for this fish day! 

Bobby Brumbelow finally hooked up his first amberjack.  Once Bobby hooked up a strong fish fight was ON! Then all of a sudden the line went limp and I stood there shaking my head all along knowing what most likely happened!  And what was that?  The shark with one short pass, took a single bite leaving only behind the making of a fish head stew!  Now, taking a look at this bite shows us that this was not a small shark, but whether a quite large one! 

Michael Alford is holding up his just caught white grunt.   Believe me getting the whole fish to the boat still intact was quite a fast reeling feat!  

Jerry Stephens is holding up the trigger fish that Captain Kathy took off his hook that just bit her!  Jerry said, “You shouldn’t have put your hand in its mouth! And Captain Kathy said something that I best not had put to print! 

Gulf Stream 

Well we haven’t been a lot but when we have been able to make this crazy long run there is fish to be had. If you go you could find yourself Yahoo Wahoo, mahi mahi also known as dolphin, and black fin tuna.  And as you know if you don’t get any action up top dropping to the bottom is always a catching option! 


“Little Miss Judy’s Believe It or Not!”

Happy Halloween from Miss Judy Charters!    

Please meet the “Mean Green Halloween Fishing Team!”  Wendy Coats and Captain Ryan Howard of Miss Judy Charters!


Halloween 1958 Style


My father always took me out for Halloween so that I could collect my annual brown bag of candy. I always dressed up and it was a lot of fun.  I tried everything from homemade costumes to the store bought ones.  They all seem to do the trick and I always got lots of treats!  However there was this one particular store brought costume that I will never forget. 


My father saw a cat costume and he brought it home.  I was about 7 years old at the time, so therefore dressing up like a cat wasn’t such a bad idea, at least until daddy made certain alterations to the costume.  The tail of the cat costume simply just hung there.  Daddy checked it out and found that he could stuff the tail with some of the white so-called cotton that he used for caulking repairs on his wooden boats. I didn’t care all I was thinking about was all of the candy that I was going to get and how much I could eat in one night. After stuffing the tail with the so-called cotton he created a bigger problem.  The tail was too heavy so it just fell to the ground.  Now I had a cattail that was three-dimensional, but it wouldn’t stand on its own.   I could tell that Daddy was in a “fixing up mood” or maybe he had a few too many cocktails.  As daddy broke out the fishing line “a new plan” was wrote all over his face.   His plan was to tie one end to the tail and the other end to the back of my costume, which he did in “fast fashion.”  Daddy was great when it came to fishing knots. When finished, I now had me a state of the art moving cattail that actually swayed with my walk.  (Remember the lion’s tail in the Wizard of Oz) I was ready to go “Trick a Treating” in my now “daddy designer store bought costume.”


Our first stop was great!  I got lots of compliments on my costume and plenty of candy.  I really made a haul. Daddy even got an adult beverage or two to go.  As the evening went on my brown bag got heavier.  According to Daddy my “Trick a Treating” was just about over. This wasn’t good news, but heck I was a little tired from all of the walking with my tail-a-swaying.  We must have visited at least 10 houses.  


Our last stop had the noise of a barking dog in the background.  I was a little afraid of dogs.  A neighbor’s dog had just taken a quick nip at me a couple of days ago.  (Another story that needs to be told!)   I approached the door with caution.  The dog was really barking at this point.  When the door opened I saw the dog, which didn’t appear to be that large.  However, it sure had a big mouth.  Somehow after the owner told me that the dog didn’t bite it escaped heading right for me. I’m sure I looked like a small deer in headlights! Of course I did what any seven year old dressed like a cat would do, “I ran with tail swinging in tow.”  The dog lunged and became attached to my tail.  This as you can imagine slowed me down a bit.  I could see my father running toward me, but it seemed as though he was in slow motion.  At this point the tail ripped off, but unfortunately the fishing line didn’t break.  Darn that exact pound test line! So therefore I still had tail with latched on dog in tow.    Things couldn’t get much worst.  I had dropped my brown bag, ripped my tail off, and the dog was still attached!    I finally met up with my father and he immediately picked me up leaving the small dog still hanging. The dog’s owner apologized as he unlocked the K-9’s jaws from what was left of my ripped up tail! The rest of the story is easily figured out, we went home.  However the candy haul for this particular house was unbelievable.


I guess the bottom line is that you pay for what you get.  In this case a little entertainment goes a long way.    The moral of this story is a simple one.  “So-called cotton was made to stuff only into the cracks of old wooden boats and fishing line is made for fishing not any sort of “tail tying.”  Any alterations made can change the course of an entire evening.”


Happy Halloween and catch you later! 


Captain Judy


Thanks again,

Captain Judy Helmey
912 897 4921

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"Kicking Fish Tail Since 1956!"

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